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Useful YouTube Searches

Searching for a official video these days in youtube is becomming a night mare especially with millions of fan (fake) videos.

But some simple search will add sense to your results

#1)Find a specific channel

Lets say you want to find william and kate's royal wedding 's official channel so what should you do ?

Enter this search query :

royal wedding, channel

#2)Find only OFFICIAL material instead of fan made videos

Now i want to find Miley Cryus The Climb

The Climb, partner
Cool you have the official video!

#3)Find movies on youtube

Let's say you want to watch a movie by jackie chan

 jackie chan, movie

Now you can get movies!

#4)Find HD videos

Just append the word hd in your normal query

never say never, hd

#5)Want 3D??

Add the word 3D and viola , you have videos in 3d

never say never, 3d

#6)Find longer videos with the long word

ben 10, long

Remember the comma after the search query is important!

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