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Check out ads before putting them on your blog

Want to check how your ad will look in your site but not edit it.

It is really simple to do that and it is especially if you have a large reader base and messing up will cause a lot of traffic.The problem here is accidental clicking, if you accidentally click your ad(especially Adsense ) then you will proably get banned.So be careful.

  1. Get a text editor like Notepad++.
  2. Using Notepad is not advised
  3. Go to your blog or website (e.g:-http://hacktohell.blogspot.com)
  4. View your page source by pressing Ctrl+U
  5. Copy everything and paste it to Notepad ++ .
  6. Now place your ad scripts wherever you want and Save the file.
  7. Now click Run > Launch in Firefox
  8. It will show your site with the mods.
  9. After you have found a suitable place , inject it in your site! and you have your add correctly
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