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Generating the correct sitemap for submission to Bing and Yahoo!

I noticed that in my default sitemap that blogger gave, only the recent 26 posts were indexed and not the rest of the posts, this resulted in lack of indexing in Yahoo and Bing.

Google indexes blogger blogs quite well but Bing or Yahoo does not(infact they hate it).It seems that unlike Google , Bing and Yahoo do NOT follow the links in a page so your blog does not get indexed well.Here I will show you how to index them well.

Firstly you need an Yahoo and Hotmail(or Windows Live)account.

1.Indexing on bing

Go here.

Sign in

It will ask to install SilverLight , skip it.

Click on Add Site .

Verify your site by placing the meta tag in Design > Edit HTML.

Now in the Sitemap , give two sitemaps.

One is as found in your robots.txt (http://[ur_blog_url]/robots.txt)

For example my robots.txt is http://hacktohell.blogspot.com/robots.txt and my sitemap is

Notice that it contains only the recent 26 posts and NOT all the posts , so we add a second site map, this time , it contains all the posts.


Here replace hacktohell.blogspot.com with your blogspot URL.

Now you have to wait for Bing to index the web pages and it takes nearly 2 days.



Here as usual replace hacktohell.blogspot.com . IT CAN TAKE UPTO 30 DAYS!

2.On Yahoo

https://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/mysites . >>>> Go there.

Sign in into yahoo and click on Add site.

In the same way , submit BOTH the sitemaps.

Now you must have both Yahoo and Bing have your sites indexed within 4 days!
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