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Is Google's April Fool's day joke really a joke?

Google on April Fool's day , published this blog post.In Blogger Buzz.

If you read it , it will say that blogger has been acquired by Google(it is already google's)

Some quotes from the post and what they mean

We had been making serious progress over the last year or so, but bootstrapping (growing without funding) is always a slow process, and we were a long way from where we wanted to be.

This could probably mean the inclusion of premium services in blogger for earning  more money for google.
Q: Will Blogger go away? 
A: Nope. Blogger is going to maintain its branding and services. While we may integrate with Google in certain areas there will always be a Blogger
This is the question asked by many  , with 801 million blogs , Google's blogger is larger than wordpress.com blogs.Google will most probably add more google related services to blogger.. let's see...

Q: What does the acquisition mean to Blogger users? 
A: Greater reliability, new innovative products and a whole lot more that we aren't ready to share quite yet (truth is, we're still figuring a lot of it out). Right now, we're mostly bolstering up our hardware -- making things faster and more reliable -- and getting settled. Next, we're going to be working on some killer ideas we've been wanting to implement for years. It'll be fun. 

Some killer ideas... their HTML 5  Dynamic views were nice .All we can do is wait and see.

Q: Does this mean my blog will rank higher in Google search results? 
A: Nope. It does mean your blog might be stored physically closer to Google but that's about it. The people at Google have done a great job over the years making sure their search results are honest and objective and there's no reason they would change that policy for Blogger or anyone else.

One of the most important question everyone has been asking and Google responds here pretty well .

These are just my interpretation of Google's intentions, of course a lot is true but let's Wait and see.
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