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Updating packages in Ubuntu [offline] in Windows

The title may not be very clear but this is the situation for which the post is written.You have ubuntu and want to update the packages in it.But you do not have an internet connection and you want to download the packages from a windows system  and intergrate i into Ubuntu.

Here is how to do it.

Getting update list
Open Synaptic Package Manager

System >> Administration >> Synaptic Package Manager

Synaptic Package Manager(Click to Zoom)

There click Check All Upgrades.

Now Click File >> Generate package download script

Type any name and save it.

Goto where ever you saved it and in that folder you will find a script(.sh file) with the name you just gave.

This script will download all the packages so put it in a removable drive and run it in a computer with internet connection(a faster one maybe).

How to make the script download in windows

Goto a windows system.
Let's say the file is named as hacktohell.sh
Open it using notepad(Start>Run>notepad.exe)
Simply click Save As , and there type "hacktohell.bat" (WITH QUOTES)
Now to dowload you need to download something.
Download wget for windows(here)
Place it in the SAME folder where hacktohell.bat is.

Now comes the tricky part.

Open command prompt(Start>Run>cmd.exe)
Now navigate to the folder where hacktohell.bat is.

E.g:-Let's say your file is in E:\todownload

Then type the following commands.
cd todownload

Now type there hacktohell.bat and it will download.

Intergrating the downloaded packages to Ubuntu

Again Open Synaptic Package .

Now in File menu , click Add  Downloaded packages .

Select the folder where you have the packages and ubuntu will update the sys.

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