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Changing Ubuntu screen resolution using ARandR and XRandR

Many first time users of Ubuntu face this problem, their screen resolutions are messed up.

Fortunately a utility called ARandR exists to help us.

How to get ARndR.

Goto Applications >> Ubuntu Software Center(Add / Remove Programs of Ubuntu)
There search for ARandR and click More Info then Use this Source.

If You are installing anything for the first time, the ubuntu cache will be updated(~12 MB)  

After installation.
Go to System >> Preferences >> ARanR

Click To Zoom
Click Save As as shown in the picture above.
Name the file as default

Whenever you want to change your resolution run the file(located in ~/.screenlayout)

How to make the resolution to be changed automatically at startup

Go to System >> Preferences >> Startup Applications

There click Add.
  • In the name field type Resolution Changer
  • In the command , browse to .screenlayout/[urscriptname].sh
  • In the comment field type screen resolution changer.
Now the resolution will change automatically at user login.
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