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Setting up and configuring ufw through GUI(gufx) in Ubuntu

New to Linux/Ubuntu.Want a firewall , Ubuntu comes with a default firewall but it must be configured manually but a GUI program(gufx) can help you

Ubuntu does not ship in with gufx so you must install it.(Click here to install-FIREFOX ONLY)Open the link above with software center.

From the Terminal

sudo apt-get install gufx

Enter the password if you have one otherwise it will continue.

After it has finished installing Open it from
System >> Administration >> Firewall Configuration
Click To Zoom

In the Actual Status check Enabled .

For opening up ports, you need to add rules.

How to Add Rules?

Click Add and it will show a box.

For port forwarding in  Applications.

In the preconfigured tab , click Allow in Program (Amule,Deluge,KTorrent,Transmision)

For your apps.

Go To Simple tab and and Allow in TCP or UDP(mostly it is TCP) and enter the port number.

Adding rules is as simple as that

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