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Aardvark is a one of a kind Q & A website that uses IM

Use a lot of forums to get things done the correct way without much effort?
Aardvark was a company that was bought by google and it is listed in their google labs page.

How aardvark works is pretty simple , you add aardvark to your im list whether it be on GTalk , Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live and then you can ask questions as well as answer answers to questions asked y other users , it is very easy to use.

Since you can access IM on nearly any platform(iPhone to Desktop) and you can use this IM client to access GTalk , FB chat and YM on your phone it is really use full and since it has a lot of members questions get answered pretty fast!.

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Basic Commands in Aardvark

try -Allows you to answer questions from the topics you have selected

extra - Gives you questions from topics other than what you choose

detail - forgot to type something , this will help you.

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