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HTML 5 Related posts for Blogger[highly configurable]

If you are a regular visitor to my blog , you might have noticed a new widget called Related posts(below labels).It uses HTML 5 and jQuery to deliver the super cool effect.

How to add it to Blogger?

 Go here.

There in the first field type your blog URL (E.G:- http://hacktohell.blogspot.com)
If you do not see any posts there it is because you do NOT have any posts tagged with javascript , AJAX and stuff like that , so you want to get a proper preview paste my blog URL or leave it empty.

Set the max posts to 8 , max tags to 10 and stay time to 10000 and change the animate what to font size.

Now click Update Demo and Code(P.S:-If you did not enter your URL before , now is the time to do so!!)

Do not use the Add to Blogger button, but Open your blogger dashboard and go to Design > Add an Gadget wherever you want , click HTML/JavaScript and then click Save.

Now View your blog and it must work!
Simple and effective.
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