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Use torrific to download torrents from the web easily as HTTP

Waiting impatiently for a torrent download that has a bad download speed ? This can help

It is frustrating to download slow and old torrent with just 1 to 2 peers , but fortunately , this service can help

How it works?

You have to go to their website - http://torrific.com

and create an account there !

After creating an account just enter the .torrent URL and click the get button , then again click the initiate bittorrent transmission button and the torrent will start to download or get qued for download

You will get a download link via email once the file has been downloaded to torrific's servers and you can download from thier servers via HTTP protocol or if you do not understand what that means , it simply means that you can download it normally

I have made a screen cast on how to download from torrific.com

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