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How to enable AeroPeek in FireFox 4.x

Love AeroPeek and want to enable it for all the tabs in FireFox ?

A simple hack does that

Ever since the introduction of tabbed browsing, there hasn’t been very many circumstances where having extra windows open is useful.  This is especially true with the awesome new Aero Peek feature built into the Windows 7 Taskbar.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until Firefox 3.6 that Firefox actually supported Aero Peek with it’s browser Tabs and for some reason Firefox comes with this feature disabled by default!  No worries, I have a simple tweak to enable Aero Peek Preview with Firefox Tabs!

How To Enable Aero Peek Preview with Firefox Tabs

1. In a Firefox window Type about:config in the address bar.  When the page loads you’ll see a warning that you are about to enter the advanced settings of Firefox.  Click the I’ll be careful, I promise! button to enter.

about:config firefox warning

2. In the Filter box Type or Paste in the following:


The filter should now display the preference with a matching name.  Once you see it Right-Click it and Select toggle.  This will switch the Value from false to true.  You can also Double Click the setting to set the value as True.

change the browser.taskbar.previews.enable preference

The setting should take affect immediately (it did on my system) however you might need to restart Firefox for the setting to fully take effect.  Once completed, just hover over the Firefox Icon to see all the Firefox tabs currently open in all your Firefox windows.

firefox with tabs shown as previews

You’ll also notice that the Firefox taskbar icon now has tabbed edges, the icon will now change functionally to identify that there are additional tabs open within Firefox windows.

fanned or tabbed edges on firefox icon in taskbar


AeroPeek FireFox

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