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A Google A Day Accepts Answers

Google started to show off thier google wayback machine or Deja Google with a google a day 

A Google A Day , is an interactive way to boost your knowledge, it asks a question daily and you can find the answer by searching , yesterday's google , so that it is spoiler free[Deja Google].
Google Blog's Explanation.

Traditional trivia games have a rule that you can't cheat—you can't look things up in books, you can't ask your friends and you certainly can't ask Google. But what if there were a trivia game where you could not only ask Google, but were encouraged to do so? Imagine how difficult the questions would need to be with the power of the world's information at your fingertips.

A Google a Day is a new daily puzzle that can be solved using your creativity and clever search skills on Google. Questions will be posted every day on agoogleaday.com and printed on weekdays above the New York Times crossword puzzle. We’ll reveal each puzzle’s answer the next day in the Times and on agoogleaday.com, along with the search tips and features used to find it.

Now A Google A Day , Accepts answers and tells you if it is correct or wrong before giving the answer away!

A Google A Day

A small screen cast of me playing with it!
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