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How to use VLC media player to stream stuff from fetch.io

Fetch.io is an innovative and super cool website that fetches torrent , movies , form rapidshare and then it streams the stuff for you.

As usual it comes with problems , torrent downloads are half the time over loaded but other services work pretty well.

The real headache is that it asks for Divx player to play media content and Divx player is really irritating as it installs loads of crapware along with it !

Firstly uninstall Divx player if you installed it using Revo Uninstaller .

Or if you want to keep it go about:plugins page in Google Chrome and disable the Divx plugin.

If you are using Firefox then please wait!

Now install VLC media player available here.

Install VLC media player with the Mozilla plugin box checked otherwise IT WILL NOT WORK!

Now FireFox users go to FireFox > Addons > Plugins and then disable Divx plugin ..

Now go to fetch.io and viola , you have the movie streamed perfectly!

If you wish to watch it in VLC player instead of your browser.

Open your file it must be something like this http://fetch.io/file/3386932435a6e12cba4c7d7e7a9b03 (:P this link will not work i do not want DMCA notices against me!)

Now view the source of that page ( Ctrl + U )

Copy your File Name .. let's say it is


Now Search for that file name ( Ctrl + S) 

and scroll through the results until you find something like this ! 

<embed type="video/divx" src="http://fs15.dl.fetch.io/stream/5e94c28486ec1dd529423f1c88a658e67e7cf431711ebf62aae6ca460696d654eb888505f46d36cd23f1c6095f031f05d16f523df99d15/Pirates_of_the_Caribbean_4_2011_On_Stranger_Tides_TS_XViD_-_MEM%2FPirates_of_the_Caribbean_4_2011_On_Stranger_Tides_TS_XViD_-_MEM.AVI" autoPlay="false" bannerEnabled="false" wmode="opaque"

Copy the link in the src tag in this case it is http://fs15.dl.fetch.io/stream/5e94c28486ec1dd52c423f1c88a658e67e7cf431711ebf62aae6ca460696d654eb888505f46d36cd23f1c6095f031f05d16f523df99d15/Pirates_of_the_Caribbean_4_2011_On_Stranger_Tides_TS_XViD_-_MEM%2FPirates_of_the_Caribbean_4_2011_On_Stranger_Tides_TS_XViD_-_MEM.AVI

This si the URL of the stream ...

Now open up VLC media Player. and in Media > Open Network Stream .

Enter the URL .. and click Play.

And there you have your movie ... streamed.

Any queries contact me @hacktohell or comment below!

[*]Update as http://twitter.com/#!/cguetot noted , getting the URL of the download link and pasting it in VLC works also in show options set the cache value to 5000ms or more ! Thanks !

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