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Streaming videos and Audio files using VLC Media Player

This is another less known feature of VLC media player anyone does not know.It is an excellent player that can actually stream Media Files.
See my article on How To Convert files using VLC Media Player.

Open VLC Media Player.

In the Media menu , hit the Streaming button (Ctrl+S)
In the Open Media menu, select the media file you want to stream using the Add button then the click the Stream button on the bottom right corner of the menu box.

It will show the Source,since we have already set this , Hit Next.

Here is the menu where some configuration is needed.

The destinations Menu has the following items.
  • File
  • HTTP
  • RTSP
  • RTP / MPEG-Transport 
  • RTP Audio/Video profile
  • UDP(legacy)
  • IceCast
There select the one you want, if you are streaming over web , HTTP or RTSP  is the best!
Now lets do it using RTSP.

Select RTSP and Click Add
Keep the port number unchanged or if you are a geek you know how to use it!(localhost:xxxx)
Now in the path add any if you want or keep the same.
(Remember the path must have only / and NOT \)

In the Transcoding options, check Active Transcoding and click on the add new profile button (the third button).
For Windows Media Player(8-12).
In the name field type Windows Media Player.
In the encapsulation,select AVI (recommended) or ASF/WMV.
In the video tab, check Video and again select the same you selected in Step One in the codec menu,leave others intact.
In the Audio tab,check Audio and select Codec to MP3.Leaves others unchanged.
Now hit the Save button and your are done!.(Just Kidding)
Now click Stream(NOT Next).
That's all you are streaming now!.

Okay I am streaming now but how do i get my friends to see it , it is simple, tell them to open up their Media Player and type rtsp://[your_ip]/[the path you added]
How to portforward.
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