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Free up memory by stopping unnecessary services

Game running slowly or is an heavy application like NetBeans or Eclipse hooging up your PC?
Simply stopping some services will help you a lot in Windows especially win 7 and xp

If you are no geek and do NOT want to test stuff with your pc , stop thy here and use software to the job!

GameBooster for non-geeks!

It is an free software by Iobit and it does a really god job of stopping unwanted services and speeding up your computer .
It is incredibly easy to use and very very fast!
Download Now From IOBIT.com

Manual start and stop of Services faster and easier , for geeks!

Since Windows vista and windows seven feature some elaborate decorative UI they take up a LOT of memory , mearly 700 MB and if you shut down the themes service, you can free up upto 200 MB of RAM.

How to do so ?

Start>Search Bar(or Run in xp) net stop Themes

To start it again.

Start>Search Bar(or Run in xp)net start Themes

Also you can try stopping the WindowsSearch service

net stop WSearch
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