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Change your blog font to Comic Scan Ms for best reading experience

You must have noticed that the blog's font has been changed to a new and better font

How to get it.

For Blogger Users only!

Go to your Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML

There search for


Some times they can be separate so you need to search for them separately and ,modify them.

You will see something like this.

body,html {
font-family: 'COMIC SANS MS', ARIAL, verdana;
This is called as Css and this is where we edit .
The above posted code is already edited.
So in  your blog, in the font-family copy and paste what I have given and save your template ad you must have the new font.
P.S:-Download the template and back it up or you will be sorry :-(
As you can see , I have specified three fonts the first one is main and others are just backup fonts.
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