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The Linux Navisurfer | Linux in your car

For the tech lovers of the world everything that can be improved with technology usually is. This includes the vehicles used by these.

Typically, when a tech lover picks up any item they figure out the best way to improve it. This is seen in the typical replacement of the car stereo with that of a full-fledged touch screen computer for their use. Some are finding the answer to their needs for a touch screen computer in the new Linux Navisurfer II.

The benefit of having Navisurfer II in your car is the pleasure of having a full Linux run computer right at your fingertips. The Navisurfer II comes with a touchscreen monitor and a 3G HSDPA modem built into the system already as well having a built in GPS, as the name suggests, with the Linux Navit system. Physically the device is in the form of a double DIN, which to those who are familiar with stereo installation will know that this is a rather large piece to have in your dash. If those who don't have the correct sized opening in their dash and who cannot have their current DIN opening installed, the manufacturer of the Navisurfer is currently working on a single DIN version as well.
As for what the Navisurfer actually does for you, it runs on a modified version of Ubuntu and the physical device offers a wealth of input and output options for the user. The current OS is a modified version of Maverick without Unity. It looks similar, albeit a bit odd, to the gnome panel launcher on the desktop. The right and left sides of the desktop are dressed up panels, with two more panels stacked on top each other at the bottom of the UI. Although the edges of the UI look rough, and the system is not currently offering Unity as the OS is a question that is currently unanswered. But these choices seem to be done in an effort to streamline the use of the touchscreen for the average user.

As for the physical connections there are three USB 2.0 slots, two PS2 slots, one mic jack, one line-in jack, one line-out jack, one serial port, two 12v DC inputs, two monitor only AV-inputs, and one rear view auto camera switch included on the Navisurfer II. As this product is still in the works the exact machinations have still yet to be discovered, but this is the single most complete device with the most options that has likely ever been on the market. Seeing as the Navisurfer II is a HSDPA device, it will work on the current AT&T plans inside the United States. There is already an upgrade to a 4G-capable modem that is touted to be an easy change over for those users who need the extra speed.

All in all, this is again the most complete all-in-one package for those who need a Linux computer in their car.

The post is authored by Peter Smith. He is enthralled by new technologies and expensive gadgets. Apart from that he wants to transform the landscape of learning. Visit his site for goene auto and auto leasen.

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