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Hacking a computer in LAN by ARP poisoning | Cain & Abel tutorial

In this tutorial , we shall use Cain & Abel , a very powerful hacking tool for performing an ARP spoofing attack.

ARP posioning

We are going to do this through ARP poisoning or ARP spoofing.Wikipedia's explanation of it.

The principle of ARP spoofing is to send fake, or spoofed, ARP messages onto a LAN. Generally, the aim is to associate the attacker's MAC address with the IP address of another host (such as the default gateway).
Any traffic meant for that IP address would be mistakenly sent to the attacker instead. The attacker could then choose to forward the traffic to the actual default gateway (interception) or modify the data before forwarding it (man-in-the-middle attack). The attacker could also launch a denial-of-service attack against a victim by associating a nonexistent MAC address to the IP address of the victim's default gateway.
A denial-of-service attack may be executed if the attacker is able to use ARP snooping to associate an alternate MAC address with the IP address of the default gateway. Denied access to the gateway in this way, nothing outside the LAN will be reachable by hosts on the LAN.
ARP spoofing attacks can be run from a compromised host on the LAN, or from an attacker's machine that is connected directly to the target LAN.

Stuff you need

  1. Cain & Abel - Download here.
  2. A LAN network
How to do so.
Try to disable your antivirus and firewall, it functions better.
Go to Configure----> Sniffer and select your LAN Connection. (Click to Zoom)
Click to Zoom

Now Go to Sniffer--> Click Hosts (bottom Left)

 Proceed as shown below. Scan for hosts by pressing the "+" Button
 You should know your network gateway ( The Default Gateway ).
Now we have all the LAN victims loaded, click on the APR tab located at the bottom left. Follow as below

Now come back to the APR tab. Click on APR-DNS

Now you make facebook.com redirect to your website and yay!! play a jolly trick on your friend!

This tutorial is for prank purposes only.You need LAN to pull this trick and you cannot do it on the Internet :D.

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