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Windows XP turns 10 ! Goold old XP

Windows XP is ten years old ! I was Microsoft's most sold OS until 7 came and still half of the Windows Computers are powered by it.

According to analytics Website Net Applications, Windows XP holds 47.29 percent of the market, followed by Windows 7 with 30.36 percent, Windows Vista with 8.51 percent and Mac OS X 10.6 with 3.31 percent.

After a decade in the wild, Windows XP is stable and patched, with an interface and applications familiar to virtually anyone who’s ever worked with computers on a daily basis. However, Microsoft depends on continuous revenue from its Windows and Windows Live division to hydrate its overall balance sheet. That means encouraging consumers and businesses to abandon Windows XP in favor of Windows 7, which offers a shinier interface and new features.

In a Tuesday blog post, Microsoft celebrated Windows XP's past, which dominated OS usage from 2003 to 2011. But just as Microsoft would like people to ditch Internet Explorer 6, it would also love consumers to stop using the older XP. In an effort to encourage those upgrades, Microsoft's own Internet Explorer 9 only runs on Windows 7 or Vista because of graphics acceleration support. Other software, like some of the latest video editors, are starting to have similar requirements.
According to Microsoft's Windows lifecycle fact sheet, all support for Windows XP will end on April 8, 2014. And anything before Service Pack 3 is already out of support.

Do you have XP ? Well i still have it for playing games since 7 eats up a lot of memory and I love XP to be honest.What about you?
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