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Reduce your core temperature instantly on your Asus motherboard using Asus Fan fan xpert !

Have an Asus motherboard then you are in luck ! using Asus Q-Fan technology , you can control the speed of your fan

Whether you are overclocking or just playing a CPU intensive game that increases your core tempertaure this tool can be of help.

Install and update the tool for your Asus motherboard and OS by googling the name of your motherboard .(Click here to find out your motherboard version ).

After installing Asus AI Suite , Open it .

Now click the fan icon and open Asus Fan fan xpert .

Now we want our fan to run at 100% to cool down our CPU so we are going to set the profile to disabled.

Now as we can see ( and hear LOL !) the fan runs at 100 % and temperatures will come down ..

After playing your game or overclocking , set it back to Standard.

A screen cast on how to do it ..

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